Pay boost for Gold Coast nurses

By Rob on April 2015

Nurses and midwives on the Gold Coast will benefit from a 2.2 per cent pay rise after the Labor Government agreed to honour the LNP’s promise.

Member for Southport Rob Molhoek said more than 550 nurses on the Gold Coast will benefit from the well-deserved pay increase.

“The hard-working frontline staff in our health system deserve to be properly rewarded which is why the LNP ensured this increase was fully budgeted and costed,” Mr Molhoek said.

“This boost to pay ensures investment in our workforce and an investment in caring for patients on the Gold Coast.

“While Labor has now endorsed the pay rise, it seems strange the Health Minister waited until the very last minute to confirm the increase would definitely be delivered.

“As late as yesterday afternoon, the Health Minister still hadn’t confirmed what his intentions were, creating unnecessary uncertainty for staff and reinforcing that this Labor Government is simply making it up as they go.”

Mr Molhoek said the Queensland Nurses Union have been quiet about the pay rise, particularly since they had previously indicated it was ‘substandard’.

“When the pay rise was announced in September 2014, the union said 2.2 per cent had fallen under the Consumer Price Index recommended figure of 3 per cent,” Mr Molhoek said.

“Only time will tell if the union now changes its tune to support Labor just because they are in government.

“Let’s not forget it was the LNP that delivered a 12 per cent pay increase to more than 33,000 nurses compared to Labor’s record of failing to pay nurses anything during the health payroll crisis.”

Fast Facts

• Under the LNP Government nurses and midwives received pay increases over the 2012-2015 period as follows:
o 3% or $30 per week, whichever is the greater, payable from 1 April 2012;
o 3% or $30 per week, whichever is the greater, payable from 1 April 2013;
o 3% or $30 per week, whichever is the greater, payable from 1 April 2014;
o A $500 increase to base annual wage rate at end of agreement at 31 March 2015; and
o 2.2% payable from 1 April 2015.

• In 2015, in addition to a $500 increase to annual base wages from 31 March 2015 as part of the current EB8 nurses and midwives will receive a further 2.2% wage increase from 1 April 2015.

• This benefited more than 33,000 nurses and midwives state-wide.

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