CBD Gold Coast has arrived!

With Southport not only reclaiming the title of CBD Gold Coast, but owning it, the 2018 Centenary of Southport and the Commonwealth Games, we are no longer looking Towards Twenty18 but from 2018 and towards the next stage of growth for our city.

In 1882 newspapers were reporting “in Southport there are three or four stores doing a brisk trade, two butchers’ shops, three or four hotels, a chemist, blacksmith, baker, and fruiterer, national school, with a regular attendance of fifty children, also a boarding school for young ladies, several private residences and furnished cottages to let.”

At its centenary, Southport, has well and truly cemented itself as the centre of commerce and services for the Gold Coast having been declared CBD Gold Coast by Gold Coast City Council and the Queensland Government declaration of a Priority Development Area in 2014.

Since the Priority Development Area declaration, Southport has seen billions of dollars injected into the area.  This is largely through rising confidence in the CBD as well as construction and tourism from the 2018 Commonwealth Games and associated activities.

Southport’s health and knowledge precinct is going from strength to strength.  The Gold Coast University Hospital is not just striving to be, but has achieved, world class status, with the rest of the health and knowledge precinct following closely on its heels.

Many years ago Southport was popular with Brisbanites, Ipswich miners and their families, and graziers from the Darling Downs. Now we see a city where international tourism thrives.   A diverse city where China town and Study Gold Coast connect our knowledge and business precincts with counterparts across the globe.

The future for Southport is in the quality of our local schools, in the development of the city’s legal precinct located in the CBD, connecting the light rail to the airport, improving our road networks further, and ensuring we remain a hub for key services, education and business.

Southport is a CBD which respects its past, with the emergence of vibrant and energetic spaces whilst revitalising and repurposing the old, and celebrates our lifestyle and our diverse future.

We all know Southport is an incredible part of the world and has something truly unique to offer.  The future is bright – let’s make sure the rest of the world knows too.